Create your complete Health Profile using your medical data

  •  Total Health Control: Swasth empowers you to take control of your health like never before. With our user-friendly app, you can effortlessly track, manage, and access all your health records in one place.
  • Security First: We take your privacy and security seriously. Swasth is designed with robust data encryption and protection measures, ensuring that your sensitive health information is always safe and confidential.
  • Streamlined Health Management: No more digging through stacks of paper records or navigating multiple healthcare portals. Swasth simplifies your health management, making it easier to monitor your progress, share information with healthcare providers, and make informed decisions about your well-being.

Your Health Records are 100% Secure

Nobody can read or access your health information without your permission, not even Swasth admin

Features that Transform Your Health Management

Blood Sugar & Blood Pressure

Log your daily blood sugar and blood pressure levels with precision as per your schedule 

Laboratory Reports

Manage and access your lab reports in one secure place, make informed health decisions

Vaccinations Log

Keep a comprehensive record of your baby’s immunizations for a healthier tomorrow

Vital Statistics

Capture and monitor your height, weight, and other basic health metrics

Medication Reminders

Never miss a dose again! Take the stress out of medicine management with timely reminders

Women’s Health Tracker

Dedicated period tracking feature. Stay in sync with your body and plan your life effortlessly

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