Welcome to Swasth Family!

Your comprehensive solution for managing your family’s well-being seamlessly. With Swasth, you can create detailed profiles for each family member, securely storing vital health information such as medical history, allergies, medications, and emergency contacts. Set up medication reminders, vaccination schedules, and doctor appointments to ensure timely healthcare management.

Key Features

Add Family Members

You can effortlessly expand your family circle and ensure comprehensive health management for your loved ones. With the ‘Add Member’ feature, simply input the details of new family members to seamlessly integrate them into your health records. From medical history and allergies to essential emergency contacts, our user-friendly interface makes it easy to create detailed profiles for each family member.

Manage Your Health Records

Effortlessly manage your entire family’s health records in any file format with Swasth. Whether it’s PDFs, Word doc., JPEGs, PNGs, XLS files, or even manual entries, Swasth accommodates all formats to ensure comprehensive health record management. Store, organize, and access vital health information with ease, regardless of the file type. With Swasth, you have the flexibility and convenience to maintain your family’s well-being seamlessly.

Never Forget Your Medication

Never miss a dose with Swasth’s Medication Reminder feature. Stay on top of your health regimen effortlessly as Swasth keeps track of your medication schedule for you. Set personalized reminders for each medication, ensuring you take them at the right time, every time.

Share Part of Your Records

Connect seamlessly with your healthcare provider by sharing specific parts of your health record with Swasth. With our secure sharing feature, you can effortlessly grant access to relevant medical information to your doctor. Whether it’s recent test results, medication history, or treatment plans.

Visualize Your Health Records

Visualize your health journey with Swasth’s intuitive graphical representation of your records. Gain insights at a glance as Swasth transforms your health data into easy-to-understand graphs and charts. Track trends, monitor progress, and identify patterns in your health metrics effortlessly.

Manage Your Timeline

Stay up-to-date and proactive with Swasth’s Vaccination Timeline feature. Effortlessly manage your family’s immunization schedule, ensuring everyone receives the necessary vaccines on time. With Swasth, you can easily track upcoming vaccinations, view past immunizations, and set reminders for future doses.

Dive deeper into Swasth’s diverse features to unlock a world of holistic health management. Discover how Swasth can empower you and your family to thrive in every aspect of your well-being.