About Us

About our team

We are a team of Doctors and Information Technology experts; we are passionate about managing own Health. Most of us had a thick office file which was the only place, where we all kept all our health-related records. All the medical reports, doctors Prescriptions, medical bills and so on. I remember managing a separate file for my children, so that I do not miss any vaccination, and enjoy seeing the growing child with the height weight data. I still have markings of Height with Date marked with pencils on one of the home walls that gave me immense pleasure Observing and documenting my son’s growth.

We thought there should be a better way with available technology to maintain all this information. We created the first web portal to record the health information of our family members. After adding most of the available information, we thought, this is getting to be a matured web-based tool, why not share the benefits of this tool with friends and family members.

We are proud to present ‘Swasth Health Companion’ a much-polished version of the earlier portal.

What problems is Swasth Health companion addressing?

  • Do you remember which vaccines were given to you, when you were a child? Or for that matter for your children?
  • Do you remember all the ailments you suffered from during your past life?
  • How do you maintain all health-related information about your family at home? A Physical file may be? How easy is it to browse all that information and make some sense for the future health?
  • Do you remember what medicines, antibiotics were consumed by you in the past life, and what was the dosage?
  • Do your health records give you meaningful insights you could act upon?
  • Do you make a note of your basic statistics like height, Weight, so that you could observe the same and attempt to control the same? Does that record last long?
  • How do you note down height, weight, and vaccinations for your children from birth? Is it possible to monitor and course correct from the physical notes?

Swasth companion in a nutshell

Swasth health companion attempts to give you answers to some of the above-mentioned questions. Also, we are continuously evolving, and we have big plans to do much more with the Swasth companion in future.

With your Swasth companion account, you can manage ‘all the health records’ for ‘all your family members in one place.

Benefits of using Swasth companion account

Every time any health-related record (Data) is created, it is either locked into Database of some hospital or a pathology lab. You get a printout or handwritten document for your reference. Imagine all the hospitals you have ever visited, number of doctors, specialists you have consulted. Every time you change your location country, state, or even within the city, you end up changing the doctor, hospital and so on. Having all your historical medical records in one place is very difficult. We created a user-friendly system, with which users can themselves document, and manage all your health records in one single place.

Swasth companion account offers you

  • An easy to use a system of maintaining digital health records, yourself.
  • Simple to browse, timeline view gives you easy tools to search and view, and even share records.
  • You could add, manage your records using web or mobile, and the best part is you carry all your records in your pocket everywhere, using your smartphone.

Features of Swasth

  • Manage all your and your family’s health information
  • Share parts of your records with your trusted physician.
  • Get medicine reminders on your smartphone
  • Access, add, and edit all the information from everywhere, with our mobile app.