Every time any health-related record (Data) is created, it is either locked into Database of some hospital or a pathology lab. You get a printout or handwritten document for your reference. Imagine all the hospitals you have ever visited, number of doctors, specialists you have consulted. Every time you change your location country, state, or even within the city, you end up changing the doctor, hospital and so on. Having all your historical medical records in one place is very difficult. We created a user-friendly system, with which users can themselves document, and manage all your health records in one single place.
Swasth companion account offers you
  • An easy to use a system of maintaining digital health records, yourself.
  • Simple to browse, timeline view gives you easy tools to search and view, and even share records.
  • You could add, manage your records using web or mobile, and the best part is you carry all your records in your pocket everywhere, using your smartphone.