Manage health records for you and your family members.

Easily family members into your account, and start adding all the health-related information for every member, and browsable, searchable information is available to you at your fingertips, anywhere, web interface or mobile app. All Health-related information stored digitally in well organized, searchable, and browseable based on Date and time.

Once you create your Swasth account, you could add all your family members to this account, and just add all the information you remember or have in hard copy format on to the web app. Starting with the vital stats like Weight, and height today. There is a way to record the historic vital stats for an individual if you have already recorded anywhere. Scan and add all your health documents like ‘blood report’ x-ray, Comprehensive health check-up report etc. You just need to scan it and attach the reports and record Dates rightly.

A Facebook like a timeline of all the records is automatically generated in the Swasth app.

What records you can record, and manage in this version

  1. Height, Weight of an individual
  2. All scanned reports attached and saved with date and time
  3. You can also record some important life events, like, marriage, childbirth, change of residential address, your first educational bachelor’s degree, change of job etc. so that these give you a very clear reference point to the data recorded. Our memory works better when we have these unforgettable benchmarks in life.
  4. Any old ailments that you remember could be recorded to the best of what you remember, (Don’t worry, you can edit all the information anytime later.)
  5. Blood sugar measurements
  6. Blood pressure measurements
  7. Medications are given by your physician
  8. We keep on adding types of records in almost every version upgrade.