Meaning of Swasth

Swasth ordinarily means healthy. Although if we look at a more wholesome meaning of this word we come to realize that Swasth is a state of being in which our mind, body, and soul function in a perfect harmony. That is exactly what we wish for you to experience, every day and every moment of your life.

Initially, we wondered what would be the most efficient way to help individuals in keeping their health optimal. After much thought and consideration, we arrived at an insight – We can control what we can measure!

To assist you in achieving this state of being, we have developed an integrated tool to track your health records – your measurements. Most people have their health records scattered and kept away in files. It becomes tedious to carry them around. So they put old records away and if very old, they mistakenly dispose of them. While doing so, they do not realize that health and fitness professionals can arrive at a more precise and effective solution when provided with comprehensive data.

Swasth is a one-stop solution that holds all your health-related records in a digital format. From the most ordinary instances like changes in weight to more complex health conditions, Swasth has a provision for all.

Every individual has a unique biological make-up. Recording health-related measurements uncover patterns, rhythms, and tendencies that you have experienced. Once you measure it, you can control it. On being able to control it, you can achieve perfect Swasth!

Swasth companion for your health journey

Introducing Swasth Health companion account, that can help you in your journey to gain and continuously maintain a Swasth body and mind.

Presently the Swasth companion offers a comprehensive web-based system to record, and manage all your health-related information in one place. With the Swasth account, you could record, access, or even share any record online, using our web interface or mobile application.