Imagine that you’re at the doctor’s office, panicked because you can’t recall a past medication or test result. Scrambling for paperwork, hoping your memory serves you right. Frustrating, right? What if there was a simple, secure way to manage all your health records in one place?

Introducing Swasth, your personal health information hub! Say goodbye to cluttered files and scattered documents. 

Effortlessly Add Records: No more sifting through physical documents. Upload or manually enter your medical records, including doctor’s notes, prescriptions, lab results, and immunizations.

Seamless Editing and Management: Update existing records, add new information, and categorize everything for easy access. With intuitive tools, managing your health data becomes a breeze.

Web Account or Mobile App? Take Your Pick: Access your records anytime, anywhere. Whether you prefer the convenience of a web account or the portability of a mobile app, Swasth caters to your needs.

Timeline View for Clarity: Visualize your health journey through a clear timeline view. See how your health has progressed over time, identify trends, and gain valuable insights.

Informative Graphs and Charts: Make data meaningful with visually engaging graphs. Understand your vital signs, medication history, and more at a glance.

But Swasth is more than just storage. It’s your empowerment tool:

Ready to manage your health records? Download Swasth today and unlock a world of convenience, clarity, and empowerment.


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